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NY Festival               Finalist, Until the Last Child, Best Use of Music

Applied Arts             Annual, Until the Last Child, Music/Craft


Clio                              Shortlist, Until the Last Child, Best Use of Music

Cassies                       Bronze, Cause, Canadian Blood Services

Marketing                 Integrated Campaign, Macs Wtf


ADCC                           Viral Campaign, Macs Wtf


Applied Arts             Integrated Campaign, Macs Wtf

                                     Complete Advertising Campaign

                                     and Non-Traditional Interactive Single


Cassies                       Best use of media, Macs Wtf

                                     Business to Business 


Bessies                       Single, Macs Wtf, Hose leg

                                     Finalist Online Single

                                     Finalist Online Campaign

                                     Craft Award


Archive                      Beverages, Non Alcoholic, Macs Wtf, Mr. Tree


DMA                           Integrated Campaign, Macs Wtf


MIA                             Certificate Youth Category,  Macs Wtf


NAMA                        Radio Single, Syngenta

                                    Radio Series

                                    Multi-Media Campaign

                                    Original Spread

                                    Unique Print


CAMA                         Best of Show, Syngenta

                                    Print Ad Single & Series

                                    Web Design

                                    Total Campaign                         

                                    Radio Single

                                    Radio Series

                                    Radio Commercial Single

                                    French Language Marketing, Print


Online Features     Creativity, Strategy, Best Ads, IHaveAnIdea, 

                                    Applied Arts, BlogTo, AdRants ...

Jenn’s work has been much awarded at a local level – so her talent is without question. Beyond that, what defines Jenn is hunger and passion. She never settles. She pushes harder. Jenn loves this business with a passion I don’t see nearly often enough.

And she wants to be the best.

Jenn is an engaging presenter because she offers candour, honesty and humour that is, frankly, refreshing. Our clients love her. Feistiness is a hallmark of Jenn’s. She is fearless.


Karen Howe

Sr. VP, Creative Director, One



Simply put, it was an absolute pleasure to both work with and learn from Jenn Saunders. Her commitment to pushing creative boundaries and dizzying work ethic are not only impressive but also infectious. Perhaps best of all, Jenn is absolutely devoid of the ego that so often plagues creatives in our industry. She is as willing and ready to work with a senior writer, as she is to work with a lowly intern. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.


David Weaver

Copywriter, Dentsubos



Having worked closely with Jenn for the past couple years, both figuratively (she was the lead art director for my account) and literally (we were desk buddies) I have no hesitation to recommend her work. I have never met a more organized individual - something that was incredibly helpful from an account management perspective. She was consistently delivering work before deadlines, due to a very efficient work process. Working at an agency with a small creative team, Jenn was quick to take on a role of teammate or leader when needed. Jenn takes her craft seriously, and truly lives and breathes art - it is apparent in all aspects of her life. I had a wonderful time working with Jenn and will miss her spunky personality.


Maddie Gauthier

Account Supervisor, WAX



From an account person's point of view, Jennifer was amazing to work with. She was always open to collaboration or ideas and understood the perspective of our clients and incorporated their demands without losing the integrity of the creative - a talent that is often hard to find. I would love to work with Jennifer again.


Angela Fitzpatrick

Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics

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