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Mac's Convenient Stores

Answering the request to amplify a new slushy with no specific flavour or name, twenty, edgy, time-released web films were executed on a "next to nothing" budget. This resulted in a product shortage, a ton of press and

a shit ton of awards. 

Art Director: Jennifer Saunders

Copywriter: Joanna Barrs

Awards: Marketing: Integrated Campaign. ADCC , Viral Campaign. Applied Arts: Integrated Campaign, Complete Advertising Campaign and Non-Traditional, Interactive Single. Cassies: Best use of media. Bessies:  Craft Award, Single, 2009 Macs Wtf, Hose leg, Finalist Online Single, Finalist Online Campaign. Archive: Beverages, Non Alcoholic, 2008 Macs Wtf, Mr. Tree...


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